Additional Vessel Services

Additional Vessel Services

Tiger Marine and Services handles additional services like Disposal, Scaffolding, and Pipeline cleaning to provide a turnkey solution. 

Tiger Marine provides Desludging and Deslopping for Vessels 

What Is Desludging?

For the sake of preventing contamination on the subsequent journey, tanker ships that transport cargo, particularly liquid items, will need to be cleaned. The nature of the cargo and the additional vessel services in the world might make the cleaning process not just an expensive but also a difficult logistical obstacle to overcome.

This is especially important to keep in mind when transporting fuel oil, which has a high viscosity and tends to adhere to the inside walls of the tank it is stored in. After some time, a substance that is only semi-solid in consistency yet very difficult to remove will form. As a result, the procedure of desludging and de-slopping is vitally important.

Additionally, contaminants in the oil will begin to settle to the bottom of the tank as time passes. Desludging and de-slopping is a method of cleaning oil tanks that requires a vessel to discharge slop water to a land facility. As a result, the oil tanks need to be cleaned on a regular basis using this approach.

Our company is in charge of the disposal and treatment of wastewater that is produced during the cleaning of oil tanks and ship tanks, as well as slop and sludge from these storage areas. These waste materials from ships can be put onto either our oil barges or our road tankers, depending on which option is most convenient. The waste products coming from the port facilities and the shore facilities will be loaded straight into the road tankers. Before being recycled for use in other industries, each and every drop of oil sludge or slop material will be processed in accordance with the Department of Energy’s most stringent environmental regulations.

In order to prevent the next cargo from becoming contaminated, the tanks of a tankship that transports liquid cargo or waste must be properly cleaned after each voyage.

What is DE slopping?

Tank cleaning, on the other hand, is an endeavor and a difficult operational problem that is difficult to quantify because it is highly reliant on a variety of criteria. Things like cargo, whether or not chemicals are required for cleaning, and the geographic accessibility of the vessel are some examples.

Locating nearby barges or treatment facilities absolutely requires taking the additional vessel services geographic accessibility into consideration. Furthermore, depending on the previous cargo and the level of difficulty of the cleaning, it may be essential to use chemicals. However, since chemicals will also drive up the price, using them should only be done as a last resort when water is unable to get the job done.

One could say the same thing about oil tanks. When being transported, ships make use of heavy fuel oil, which has a very high viscosity and a propensity to adhere to the interior of the tank. This oil, when left for a period of time, will eventually build layers of a semi-solid substance, which can be very challenging to remove.

In addition to this, any contaminants that are present in the oil will eventually precipitate and become attached to the base of the tank. Regular cleaning is required for these oil tanks at regular intervals. DE slopping is the process that accomplishes this goal. During developing, a vessel will release slop water directly from the tank cleaning process either to a facility located on land or to a barge located at sea.

Our company is equipped to manage the disposal as well as the treatment of wastewater that is produced during tank cleaning, as well as slop and sludge that is produced by ship tanks and oil tanks. We provide a comprehensive service that includes deslopping, debunkering, demucking, and garbage processing among other related tasks.

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