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Our Services

Cargo Hold Cleaning

Tiger Marine and Services hold the biggest and most efficient team to handle Cargo Hold Cleaning Operations in the Middle East. We hold important experience to approve holds from dirtiest to the cleanest cargo

Blasting and Painting

Tiger Marine and Services handles blasting and painting jobs in various areas such as Cargo Holds, Decks, Superstructure, Hull and Inside Tanks

Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning is an operation without compromise. It requires safe operations and experienced personals to accomplish such projects. We hold tank cleaning experience to work in VLCC’s, Bitumen Tankers, for 20 years in the Middle East

Steel Repairs

Steel Repairs is an integral part of a ship repair. We have major clients who are very satisfied by our services provided to them. We provide steel repair services anywhere on a vessel

Ship Supplies

Tiger Marine and Services handles all types of Ship Supplies from our networks in China, India and Middle East. Delivering supplies on time and maintaining quality are the most formidable in this work. Tiger Marine anticipates well in this.

Additional Services

Tiger Marine and Services handles additional services like Disposal, Scaffolding, and Pipeline cleaning to provide a turnkey solution.