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Marine Machine Rentals and Equipment Rentals in UAE - Tiger Marine Service

Welcome to Tiger Marine Service, your ultimate partner for Marine machine rentals in UAE. With years of industry experience, we offer a seamless rental experience to our clients, ensuring their marine-related tasks are performed efficiently and economically.

Our expertise in marine equipment rentals distinguishes us as the ideal choice for customers seeking dependable machinery and professional services. At Tiger Marine Service, we aim to provide machines that meet your requirements and surpass your expectations.

Comprehensive Range of Marine Machines and Equipment for Rent

Tiger Marine Service boasts a diverse inventory of top-notch marine machine rentals tailored for all marine projects.

Cherry Pickers

For elevated tasks like maintenance, cargo handling, and ship repairs, our cherry pickers offer safety and versatility, navigating around obstacles with ease.

Mobile Cranes

Essential for tasks like loading, shipbuilding, or repairs, our mobile cranes bring power, mobility, and worksite flexibility. 


Key for cargo handling and warehouse tasks, our forklifts stand out for their robust performance and reliability. 

High-Pressure Machines

Perfect for cleaning, surface prep, and hydro-blasting, our HP machines effectively combat marine growth and rust. 


For powering pneumatic tools, cleaning, or diving, our marine-ready compressors offer consistent performance. 


Ensure smooth marine operations with our reliable generators, catering to tools, lighting, and auxiliary needs.

Trust our vast machinery range for every marine need, from major construction to specific ship machine tasks.

Easy and Convenient Rental Process

At Tiger Marine Service, we prioritize customer convenience, ensuring a hassle-free, straightforward process for marine machine rentals. We strive to make your experience as smooth as possible, letting you focus more on your project and less on administrative hurdles. 

Requirements for Machine Rentals

Renting a machine from us is as simple as 1-2-3. Here are the steps.

Trade License & VAT

We first require a copy of your company's trade license and VAT certificate. This information allows us to ensure all transactions comply with the local regulations of UAE.

Purchase Order or Quotation Acceptance

Next, we need a Purchase Order (PO) from your side or your signed acceptance of our quotation. This document confirms your intent to rent the specified machinery.

Payment Method

As per your convenience, you can choose to pay through Cash, Post-Dated Cheques (PDC), or Credit. Our flexible payment terms aim to facilitate easy transactions, based on your financial comfort and ease.

When you choose Tiger Marine Service for your sandblasting needs, you can trust that your vessel and the safety of all involved are in capable hands. 

Flexible Terms and Conditions for Machine Rentals

At Tiger Marine Service, we believe in fairness and transparency. Instead of overwhelming our clients with a long list of terms and conditions, we align our policies with industry standards. By referring to the terms and conditions of other reputable rental companies, we ensure our clients receive fair treatment while still ensuring the safety and proper use of our equipment.

Cost-effective Marine Machine Rental Service in UAE

Our commitment to providing value for money is evident in our marine machine rental service in UAE. Our cost-effective solutions, tailored to meet your project needs, make us your trusted partner for marine equipment rentals. 

Understanding the Pricing

Transparency in pricing is our policy. Here’s how we structure our pricing: 

Market-aligned Rates

Our rental rates are primarily based on the prevailing market rates. They ensure competitiveness while offering top-notch quality and service.

Client-specific Pricing

Recognizing that every client is unique, we offer different rates within the market range to cater to the specific needs and budgets of different clients.

Flexible Rental Durations

Whether you need a machine for a day, a week, or a month, we have a pricing plan for you. Our daily, weekly, and monthly rates offer the flexibility you need to manage your project costs effectively.

When you choose Tiger Marine Service for your sandblasting needs, you can trust that your vessel and the safety of all involved are in capable hands.

Complete Marine Related Solutions

Expand your capabilities with our comprehensive marine machine rentals, catering to all your project-specific requirements:

Delivery and Pickup Services for Marine Equipment

We don’t just stop at providing you with top-tier marine equipment rentals; we go the extra mile to ensure your convenience with our delivery and pickup services. Here’s what you need to know  

Transportation Services

For an additional cost, we arrange the pickup and drop-off of the rented equipment. 

Cost Waiver

We understand that long-term rentals can accumulate significant transportation costs. So, if your monthly rental is for a nearby location, we may waive off the transportation charges, making your long-term rentals even more cost-effective. 

With Tiger Marine Service, you can be assured of an easy, convenient, and cost-effective marine machine rental experience in UAE. 

Safety Guidelines and Quality Assurance

At Tiger Marine Service, we take the safety and quality of our equipment seriously. Not only do we provide superior marine machine rental services, but we also prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our customers.

Adhering to Supplier Safety Guidelines

In the marine industry, safety is paramount. At Tiger Marine Service, we rigorously follow our suppliers’ safety guidelines. Our equipment, from cherry pickers to generators, comes from trusted suppliers emphasizing safety. Our commitment to these safety protocols guarantees

Compliance with Safety Standards

We strictly follow all safety regulations and guidelines provided by our suppliers, providing you with peace of mind when renting our machinery.

Safety Training

Where necessary, we can arrange for safety training and orientation on how to operate our machines safely and efficiently.

Reliable Equipment

We only hire machinery that meets rigorous safety standards, ensuring that you receive safe, reliable, and high-quality equipment for your marine tasks. 

Quality Assurance Measures

At Tiger Marine Service, we prioritize the quality and reliability of our rental machines, recognizing their importance for your marine operations. Our commitment ensures each machine is in top condition. Here’s our approach to quality assurance: 

Supplier Checks

We rely on our trusted suppliers to conduct thorough checks and maintenance on the machines before they are delivered to you.

Swift Issue Resolution

In the unlikely event of any machine malfunction, we are committed to resolving the issues promptly to minimize your downtime.

Customer Feedback

We value the feedback from our clients and use it to improve our quality assurance process, thus ensuring we maintain our high standards of service and equipment quality.

Marine Machine Rentals for Both Short-term and Long-term Projects

At Tiger Marine Service, we recognize that every client has unique needs, which is why we offer flexible rental durations, catering to both short-term and long-term project needs. 

Flexible Rental Durations

Whether you require a marine machine rental for a one-off project or need a long-term rental for a sustained operation, we are ready to accommodate your needs. We provide

Benefits of Renting Over Purchasing Marine Equipment

Understanding the economic landscape of the marine industry, we at Tiger Marine Service recognize the valuable advantages of marine machine rentals over purchases. 

Saving Costs with Marine Machine Rentals

When you rent instead of purchase, you sidestep substantial investment. With our service, you get premier equipment without burdening your capital reserves. Also, you sidestep maintenance and repair costs, a prevalent concern for equipment owners. In essence, renting provides an economical, flexible solution to meet evolving project needs without long-term financial commitments. 

Customized Services and Solutions for Our Customers

Tiger Marine Service aims to exceed mere machine rental, providing comprehensive, tailored solutions for each unique client need. 

Resolving Customer Claims

Prioritizing client satisfaction, we swiftly address and settle claims through transparent communication. With Tiger Marine Service, you gain more than machinery; you partner with a devoted team for your project’s triumph. Reach out for marine machine rentals in UAE, and witness our distinct edge.

Contact Us Today for Your Marine Construction Equipment Rental Needs

We’re here to cater to all your marine machine rental service needs in UAE. Get in touch with Tiger Marine Service today and let us provide you with the equipment you need for your marine projects. Your satisfaction is our success. 


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