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Top-Notch Derusting Services in UAE for Various Marine Vessels

In the marine industry, the need for vessel derusting cannot be overstated. A rust-free vessel not only retains its aesthetic appeal but also improves its structural integrity, operational efficiency, and safety. At Tiger Marine Service, we understand the importance of maintaining your vessels in their optimal conditions. That’s why we offer comprehensive derusting services in UAE tailored to your vessel’s unique needs. 

Comprehensive Derusting Services for Various Marine Vessels

At Tiger Marine Service, we excel in tailored derusting services for diverse marine vessels, understanding each vessel’s unique needs.  

Derusting for Oil/Chemical Tankers

Oil/Chemical tankers, essential for transporting sensitive cargo, can be compromised by rust. We initiate with a detailed inspection to gauge rust extent, followed by proven methods like chipping and hydro blasting. Post rust removal, we administer a double coating of paint for enhanced safety and durability. 

Derusting for Container Vessels

Container vessels, the backbone of global trade, risk structural damage from rust. Our service begins with an inspection to ascertain rust severity. Depending on the results, we employ chipping or hydro blasting. We finish by applying a protective double coat of paint to thwart future rusting. 

Derusting for Bulk Carriers

Exposed to tough sea conditions, bulk carriers are prone to rust. Our approach includes an upfront inspection to pinpoint rust levels, followed by suitable rust removal methods, either chipping or hydro blasting. A protective double layer of paint wraps up the procedure, safeguarding against rust and augmenting the vessel's look. 

Derusting for Barge Vessels

Barge vessels, instrumental in heavy goods transportation, can be marred by rust. Recognizing their value, we offer a thorough derusting process. This involves an inspection, the apt rust removal technique, and a final protective coating to guarantee prolonged rust defense. 

At Tiger Marine Service, we provide derusting services tailored to the needs of each specific type of vessel. We ensure that our methods align with industry standards and regulations, providing you with reliable and efficient service that guarantees the longevity of your vessels. 

Tiger Marine Service Professional Derusting Process

Navigating marine vessel maintenance is challenging. At Tiger Marine Service, we offer a robust, professional derusting process tailored to each vessel’s distinct needs.

Inspection and Customized Approach

Every vessel begins with a detailed inspection. Recognizing the unique rust levels and requirements of each, our experts evaluate rusted areas to determine the best intervention. Depending on the rust severity, we employ.


For localized rust, using pneumatic machines to carefully remove rust, ensuring untouched underlying metal.

Hydro Blasting

For deeper, widespread rust, using high-pressure water jets to safely remove it.

Throughout, we maintain transparent communication with clients, updating them on findings and plans, reinforcing our dedication to personalized, dependable derusting solutions. 

Advanced Marine Surface Treatment and Restoration

Alongside our vessel derusting expertise, we offer a range of surface treatment solutions to enhance your maritime operations:

High Safety Standards during Derusting Operations

Safety is paramount in our operations. We prioritize both our team’s and your vessel’s safety by: 

Safety Gear

Equipping our team with essential safety equipment. 

Safety Training

Regular training sessions to keep updated with industry best practices. 

Safety Regulations Compliance

Adhering strictly to global safety regulations and industry norms.

With Tiger Marine Service, your vessel is in competent, safe hands. 

Application of Protective Coatings

Post rust removal, we emphasize rust prevention through the application of protective coatings. We administer a double coating of top-tier marine paint, offering: 

Rust Prevention

Creating a barrier against future rusting.

Enhanced Durability

Prolonging the metal's lifespan in the tough marine setting.

Improved Aesthetics

Giving your vessel a rejuvenated appearance.

Our comprehensive derusting solutions tackle current issues and prevent future ones. At Tiger Marine Service, we aim to prolong and boost your marine vessels’ lifespan and performance.  

The Impact of Our Derusting Services on Vessel Longevity

Maintaining the longevity of your vessel is our utmost priority. The benefits of regular derusting are numerous, and they contribute significantly to the vessel’s maintenance and durability.  

Enhanced Structural Integrity

Rust can compromise the metal’s strength, leading to structural weaknesses over time. By regularly removing rust, we ensure your vessels retain their integrity. 

Optimum Performance

Rust formation can significantly affect the performance of a vessel. Our derusting service helps in maintaining the operational efficiency of your vessel.

Extended Lifespan

Timely derusting prevents irreversible damage and contributes to an extended lifespan of the vessel.

At Tiger Marine Service, we advocate for preventive maintenance like derusting, which is more cost-effective and efficient than dealing with severe damage caused by rust over time. 

Industry Standards and Regulations for Derusting

At Tiger Marine Service, we rigorously follow essential industry standards, notably the WJ 3 standard. This mandates a thorough cleaning, ensuring 67% of the surface remains visibly residue-free, with the rest possibly having scattered stains of rust or other materials. Our derusting techniques are tailored to meet these specifications. Our steadfast adherence to the WJ 3 standard reflects our commitment to the safety and longevity of your vessels. With us, you receive unparalleled service, balancing quality and compliance. 

Schedule Your Ship Derusting and Coating Services

Tiger Marine Service recognizes the value of time. Our processes are optimized for quick scheduling and coordination, ensuring minimal disruptions. Schedule your derusting and coating service to experience our prompt and professional approach. 

Our Guarantee for Industrial Ship Derusting Services

Trust is the cornerstone of our service delivery at Tiger Marine Service. We believe in the quality of our work, and our customer service mantra is simple – “no cure, no pay.” 

Quality Work

We stand by the quality of our derusting services. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we. 


Our guarantee ensures you receive the service you have signed up for, providing you with peace of mind.

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment is to customer satisfaction. We strive to ensure that every client is pleased with the derusting services we provide.

Contact Tiger Marine Service for Your Marine Vessel Derusting Needs

For all your marine vessel derusting needs in UAE, Tiger Marine Service is your reliable partner. We invite you to reach out to us for any inquiries or to schedule a service. Experience the unmatched quality of our service and give your vessels the care they deserve. 


The choice of derusting method is dependent on the condition of the vessel. Following a detailed inspection of the ship, the amount and location of the rust present dictate the most effective approach. Tiger Marine Service utilizes techniques like chipping for isolated rusted areas, and hydro blasting for more extensive rust coverage.

Safety is a top priority at Tiger Marine Service. During the derusting operations, all workers are required to wear essential safety gear, including hand gloves, safety shoes, safety glasses, coveralls, and helmets. This ensures their safety while maintaining the quality of work.

Yes! Regular derusting is a crucial aspect of vessel maintenance. By removing rust, we not only restore the aesthetic appeal but also prevent further corrosion. This process helps to maintain the vessel’s structural integrity, thus extending its lifespan and ensuring optimum performance.

Tiger Marine Service operates on a “no cure, no pay” basis, indicating the confidence we have in our services. This approach ensures that customers only pay if they’re satisfied with the results, demonstrating our commitment to delivering high-quality derusting solutions.

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