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Vessel Painting and Blasting in UAE - Tiger Marine Service

Welcome to Tiger Marine Services, your reliable partner for vessel painting and blasting services in UAE. We specialise in protecting and enhancing the functionality of your marine vessels through our top-tier services.

Quality Vessel Painting and Blasting Services

At Tiger Marine Services, we’re keenly aware of the relentless marine environment‘s impact on a vessel’s durability. Factors like corrosive seawater, harsh weather, and UV exposure constantly challenge your vessel’s integrity.

To combat this, we offer an effective two-step solution:

Marine Vessel Blasting

With cutting-edge techniques, we strip away rust, dirt, and grease, preparing an optimal surface for painting and ensuring enhanced paint adhesion.

High-quality Vessel Painting

Post-blasting, our specially formulated marine paints, resistant to corrosion, UV, and harsh conditions, are applied. This creates a sturdy, aesthetic shield for your vessel.
Our integrated approach not only delivers a stunning vessel but also a resilient one. By focusing on preventive maintenance, you gain long-term economic benefits, steering clear of expensive repairs and extending your vessel’s prime lifespan.

Experience Our Specialized Marine Services in UAE

Mastering Marine Vessel Blasting in UAE

Our marine vessel blasting services offer a comprehensive approach to preparing your vessel for painting. Here are the steps we undertake for this process:

Initial Surface Inspection

We first conduct a thorough inspection of the vessel's surface to understand the degree of contamination and potential challenges.


Our team uses specialised equipment to blast away surface contaminants and welding seams. This process ensures that no trace elements remain that could affect the painting process.

Post-blasting Assessment

Once the blasting process is complete, we reassess the surface to ensure it’s ready for painting. Our stringent assessment process ensures the best results without compromising safety or integrity.

Enhanced Marine Coating and Preservation Services

Beyond vessel painting and blasting, discover our specialized services for prolonging the life and appearance of your marine assets:

Unparalleled Ship Painting Services in UAE

After a diligent blasting process, we transition to our ship painting services. Here’s what our process entails:

Choice of Paint

We select marine-specific paints that are known to withstand harsh marine conditions, providing an enduring protective barrier against wear and tear.

Application Method

Depending on the vessel type and the area being painted, we use manual or spray methods to achieve the best results.

Quality Check

Once the painting is done, we conduct a thorough quality check to ensure that the work meets our high standards.

Vessel Maintenance and Restoration

Different types of vessels and even different areas on the same vessel require different methods. That’s why we offer comprehensive vessel maintenance and restoration services to cater to these varying needs.

After the blasting and painting services, we recommend regular maintenance to ensure the vessel remains in optimal condition. 

Professional Vessel Painting and Maintenance for Commercial Ships

We take pride in servicing commercial ships with our high quality marine services.

Using the best materials and our team’s expertise, we provide superior maintenance and restoration that help prolong the lifespan of commercial vessels, improving their functionality and appearance.

Why Choose Tiger Marine Services for Your Vessels

At Tiger Marine Service, we’re defined by our unmatched quality and reliability. Boasting over two decades in the industry, our prowess shines in vessel painting and blasting. Our customer-centric approach anchors on

Uncompromising Quality

Backed by 23 years in the business, we guarantee high-quality outcomes. Using only the best materials and adhering to best practices, our service is second to none.

Speed and Efficiency

Renowned as one of the quickest marine service providers, our expertise ensures most tasks are finished in 24 hours without quality setbacks.

Customer Satisfaction

We don’t just meet expectations; we aim to surpass them. One of our satisfied customers encapsulated their experience by saying, “Extremely satisfied with the result and timely completion of the job and turnaround time of the vessel at port.”

Entrust your vessel to a dedicated team. With Tiger Marine Services, you’re not just choosing a service – you’re choosing quality, efficiency, and unmatched customer satisfaction.

Sandblasting Services for Boats and Vessel Safety Measures

Safety is our top priority at Tiger Marine Services, especially when it comes to our sandblasting services for vessels. Sandblasting, while effective, involves certain risks, which is why we have implemented stringent safety measures to protect both our staff and your vessel.

Proper Use of PPE

Every team member is outfitted with essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), shielding them from risks and preventing contamination.

Constant Supervision

Each sandblasting task is overseen by a trained safety officer, ensuring adherence to protocols and swift issue resolution.

Comprehensive Risk Assessments

Initiate every project with an in-depth risk assessment, pinpointing hazards and drafting countermeasures.

Safe Environment Maintenance

Our facilities are built with safety in mind, from dust collection systems to optimized ventilation, promoting a healthy workspace.

Ongoing Safety Training

With regular training sessions and drills, our staff is always aligned with the latest safety norms.

When you choose Tiger Marine Service for your sandblasting needs, you can trust that your vessel and the safety of all involved are in capable hands.

Ship Surface Preparation and Process Timeline

The process timeline for ship surface preparation varies depending on several factors. However, we at Tiger Marine Service strive to provide a swift yet thorough service to minimise downtime for your vessel. Here’s a snapshot of our procedure

Inspection and Consultation.

A deep dive into vessel conditions, followed by a clear discussion to define the work's scope.

Sandblasting and Surface Prep

A process that ranges from a few hours to a day, it guarantees a surface devoid of rust, old coatings, and contaminants.

Primer Application

Post-cleaning, we apply an anti-rust primer, allowing it to dry adequately before any additional coatings.

Final Paint Application

Multiple coats of marine-grade paint are administered to promise a durable finish.

Curing and Quality Inspection

Post-painting, the curing phase lasts several hours, capped by a rigorous quality check.

While it largely depends on the size of the area, we generally complete all jobs within 24 hours. This swift turnaround is one of the many ways we strive to serve our clients better, ensuring your vessel is back in service as quickly as possible.

Marine Anti-Rust Treatments and Cost Factors

Tiger Marine Services provides high-quality marine anti-rust treatments that are critical for prolonging your vessel’s lifespan. The cost of these treatments can vary depending on several factors.

Size and Type of the Vessel

Larger vessels require more material and time, which can increase the cost. Similarly, the type of vessel (commercial, pleasure, steel, or aluminium) can also affect the cost due to the different preparation and treatment processes required.

Condition of the Vessel

Vessels with significant rust or damage might require more intensive treatment, thereby increasing the cost.

Type of Anti-Rust Treatment

The cost can also depend on the specific type of anti-rust treatment used. We provide several options, including epoxy coatings, zinc coatings, and specialty marine paints.

Labour Costs

Our experienced and certified professionals ensure the job is done right, which is factored into the cost.

Our services, while competitively priced, guarantee top-notch quality. We prioritize your vessel’s protection and aesthetics. Contact us for a personalized quote tailored to your needs.

Get Your Quote for Marine Painting Services

We provide lump sum quotes along with an initial report and the job scope within a few hours after inspection, or we can provide a per square metre quote. Our quotation process is simple and efficient, designed to provide you with accurate and timely estimates for our marine painting services.

Our Team and Certifications

Our team of professionals hold blasting and painting certifications, ensuring that your vessel is serviced by highly skilled and qualified individuals. We believe that our team’s expertise and dedication are reflected in the quality of our work.

Contact Us

Contact Tiger Marine Services in UAE, for top-notch vessel painting and blasting. Receive images of our work via Whatsapp. Trust in our dedication and attention to detail. Reach out now for details and scheduling.


The primary purpose of vessel painting and blasting is to protect the vessel’s structure against external factors such as saltwater, harsh weather conditions, and marine organisms. Blasting removes contaminants like rust, dirt, or grease, and prepares the surface for painting. The paint provides a protective layer that prevents corrosion and prolongs the vessel’s lifespan.

At Tiger Marine Service, we specialise in servicing commercial ships. Our team is equipped with the skills, knowledge, and resources to handle a variety of commercial vessels, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Safety is our top priority at Tiger Marine Services. During the blasting and painting process, we enforce stringent safety measures, which include the use of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), constant supervision, comprehensive risk assessments, and maintaining a safe work environment. Our staff undergo regular safety training to ensure all procedures are correctly followed.

While the exact timeline can vary depending on the size and condition of the vessel, we generally cater to our clients’ requirements for timelines. We typically complete jobs for cargo holds and bulk carrier vessels within 24 hours. For other marine services, please reach out to us to discuss the timeline. We strive to provide a swift yet thorough service to minimize downtime for your vessel, ensuring it is back in service as quickly as possible.

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